Kokkinogeia, Drama


The privately owned vineyard of 25 acres was planted in 2009, mainly with Malagousia and Assyrtiko and completed with Muscat of Alexandria and the Alsatian Gewurztraminer.

Planting the vineyard in Kokkinogeia, Drama, in the valley of Aggitis, location’s name Ammoudies (meaning sandy beaches), was not a random choice, as it is an area with a long viticultural and winemaking tradition, dated back in 1.500 AD. The vineyard’s topsoil is sandy, above a stone pebble subsoil, which is rocky in lower layers. It is surrounded by Mount Menikio and the mountain range of Agios Pavlos (the end of massif Falakro) while on the north side there is a small river that flows into the springs of Aggitis.
The topography of our vineyard results a 2-5oC lower temperature than the rest of the Drama PGI zone, even compared to areas with a higher altitude. The daily afternoon breeze, the very good drainage of the soil and the mountainous massifs that surround us lay the foundations for a special microclimate ideal for the white grape varieties we cultivate


For our winery we wanted to create a name with a twist. Something that is not common and connects the family name with the place of the vineyard.

KTIMA in Greek means Estate-Vineyard.

ERITHROU, means Red – our vineyard is based in the area of Kokkinogeia which means Red-earth because of the color of the soil.

Our family name is Triantafyllidis which means son or descendant of Rose.

Rose in Greek is RODOU. But roses don’t only exist in our family name but also wild roses grow around our vineyard!

So, if you add them all together you get: Ktima Erithrou Rodou or Domaine of the Red Rose.

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