Giannis has strong knowledge in the wine sector. Throughout the years, he worked for notable estates all over Greece. He was in charge of all the different stages of wine production from the management of the vines, harvest, wine making and wine aging to the final bottling. Because of his excellent technical knowledge, he was invited to participate as a judge at International wine competitions like the « Mondial des Vins Blancs » in Strasbourg, France or the « Berliner Wein Trophy » in Berlin Germany.

The wines of Ktima Erithrou Rodou are the result of Giannis experience. For him, the most genuine form of winemaking is to highlight the energy that exists in the vineyard! His decisions on viticulture aim to minimal intervention and natural processes to preserve the unique character of his terroir and at the same time continue to be part of a remarkable ecosystem.

Each bottle of Ktima Erithrou Rodou, revels the typicity of the soil, the character of each vintage and the finesse of its winemaker!



Dr. Katerina Karampatea is a Chemist MSc - Oenologist DNO - PhD in Wine, Vine and Beverage Sciences with studies in Greece and France. She is the owner of the Oenopolis Oenological Laboratory. Katerina works as consultant oenologist, wine taster and judge, with many years of experience in winemaking and scientific research. She has extensive experience in the winemaking of various types of wine, with a strong Burgundy oenological influence as she has specialized academically. 

She worked for several years in famous wineries such as: Domaine Michel Gros in Vosne Romanée in Burgundy, France, Domaine des Muses in Sierre, Switzerland and in the oenological laboratory Burgundia in Beaune in Burgundy, France.

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